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OCQ(V) - SX (Small Animal Exports)

The OCQ(V) - SX -  Export of companion animals including pet birds and Pet Travel Scheme and commercially-traded small animals (Previously Export of Small Animals and PETS, and Part Panels 1h and 1i – Export of Zoo and Laboratory Animals) is for vets applying for training  as an OV authorised to sign Export Health Certificates related to the export of companion animals, including pet birds, Pet Travel Scheme documentation and for the commercial trade of small animals. OV's authorised to undertake this work are required to provide advice in compliance with the requirements of current legislation, professional guidelines and APHA/EU/Third Country procedures.  Topics covered include:
  1. Procedures and requirements for the export of companion animals, including pet birds, with particular reference to variation of procedural and documentary requirements related to country of destination and species.
  2. Procedures and requirements for the export of commercially-traded small animals with particular reference to variation of procedural and documentary requirements related to premises of origin, country and premises of destination and species.
  3. The scope and rules of the Pet Travel Scheme with particular reference to preparation procedures and the development of skills required for resolution of queries/problems.
  4. The legal, professional and APHA requirements and procedures relevant to OV's undertaking export certification for companion animals, pet birds and commercially-traded small animals and the preparation of dogs, cats and ferrets as pets.
  5. The legal and professional responsibilities of OV's relating to safeguarding the welfare of small animals and pet birds presented for export.
  6. Familiarisation with Defra, APHA, RCVS and other websites providing relevant information to refresh knowledge.

Before applying for OCQ(V) - SX training you are required to have completed OCQ(V) - ES.

Followed by OCQ(V) – EX training PRIOR to commencing this species specific module.

You are required to undergo revalidation every five years.


Please also see FAQs and Companion Animal (CA) as it may be that you only require CA and not ES/EX/SX depending on your role.

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