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Revalidation certification exercises and case logs

For most revalidation courses, you are required to upload a number of examples that show your understanding of the work you are undertaking. These can be in the form of certification/scenario exercises, case logs, or both.

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Certification exercises

Certification exercises (for the export courses) and scenario exercises (for OCQ(V) - SSr and OCQ(V) - TTr) will be provided in the courses, along with instructions on how to complete these. The exercises are the preferred option for OVs to complete when revalidating. They will give specific examples or outline certain scenarios related to the qualification that you are undertaking, which you will be required to respond to in order to prove your knowledge and understanding of the area.

Completed exercises must be uploaded to the ‘Case logs/scenarios’ section of your Personal Training Dashboard.

Case logs

Alternatively, you may complete case logs. Guidance on how to do this is provided in the course, but case logs should demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the qualification and how you have used the skills over the course of the revalidation cycle.

For the export courses, case logs should describe an example of an export certificate that you provided, or outline a time when you provided advice and guidance to a client on a proposed export. For the OCQ(V) - TTr, case logs should document TB testing of at least 30 animals over 3 different farms.

Internal Verification

There is a process of Internal Verification (IV), during which ISVPS will sample 10% of case logs/certification exercises within 1 month of completion of all revalidation requirements. If your case logs/certification exercises or CPD log are in the sample chosen and do not meet the required standard, you will be contacted by ISVPS and offered an opportunity to update them to a satisfactory condition. If they are updated satisfactorily within 1 month, then no further action will be required. However, if they are not updated satisfactorily within the required time, this will be reported to APHA, who will review your case and may suspend or revoke your OV status. Please note – the ultimate jurisdiction lies with APHA.

Other requirements

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