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OCQ(V) - FA (Farm Animal Exports)

The OCQ(V) - FA (Farm Animal Exports) covers the export of farm animals (cattle, pigs, sheep and goats).

Is this the right course for you? For the export of ungulates and Equidae, please see the OCQ(V) - UX (Ungulate Exports) course. For the export of Equidae only (i.e. not including other ungulates), please see the OCQ(V) - EQ (Equine Exports).

Looking for the OCQ(V) - FAr (Farm Animal Exports revalidation) course? Click here

Useful facts for OCQ(V) - FA

Prerequisite OCQ(V)s for FA


OCQ(V)s that FA is a prerequisite for


CPD hours awarded on completion of the course

Four hours

Revalidation frequency

Every four years


£199 plus VAT

Course presentation


Exports permitted with OCQ(V) - FA

Qualification Permitted Exports

Overview of training for OCQ(V) - FA

The training for the OCQ(V) - FA is all provided online. Topics covered include:

  • Procedures and requirements for the export of farm animals, with particular reference to variation of procedural and documentary requirements related to country of destination, transit countries and species
  • Legal, professional and APHA requirements and procedures relevant to the OV undertaking export certification for farm animals, including detailed consideration of species-specific requirements
  • The legal and professional responsibilities of OVs relating to safeguarding the welfare of farm animals presented for export
  • The development of skills required for the resolution of queries/problems relevant to the export of farm animals
  • Familiarisation with the Defra, APHA, RCVS and other websites providing information to refresh knowledge

Please note: before applying for the OCQ(V) - FA course, you are required to hold the OCQ(V) - ES and OCQ(V) - EX qualifications, as these are both prerequisite courses for the OCQ(V) - FA.

Revalidation of OCQ(V) - FA

You are required to undergo revalidation for OCQ(V) - FA every four years.

To view the requirements for the OCQ(V) - FAr (Farm Animal Exports revalidation) course, click here.

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