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Assessment and Accreditation


European School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies (ESVPS) is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2003 with the remit of accrediting veterinary CPD and awarding a range of Certificates on a pan-European basis. ESVPS has over ten years’ experience in the veterinary industry of running examinations and accrediting courses.

Harper Adams University (HAU) is a higher education institution located in Shropshire and is the UK’s leading specialist provider of higher education for the agri-food chain and rural sector. Established in 1901, HAU has had its own degree awarding powers since 1996. HAU retains oversight for quality assurance and enhancement and moderates the assessments managed by ESVPS by an appointed an External Examiner. HAU operates under the Quality Assurance Agency Framework for Higher Education qualifications in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


The assessment for each OCQ(V) will be done online and will comprise 20 multiple choice questions. For the revalidation OCQ(V)’s the examination will comprise 10 multiple choice questions. Each multiple choice question will have four distractors with only one distractor being correct. There will be no negative marking. You have up to one hour to complete the OCQ(V) exam and thirty minutes to complete the revalidation.

Candidates can complete the online assessment as soon as they have completed the online training.

Online assessment conditions:

Candidates completing the online assessment are required to do so in the presence of a MRCVS (or a DVM for overseas students). If you live in a remote area and have no veterinary colleagues, you may complete the exam in the presence of another professional colleague such as a doctor or lawyer. Both the candidate and invigilator will be required to sign the disclaimer and give their professional membership number before taking the online assessment. Any false certification, including the impersonation of another MRCVS, may be reported to the RCVS for investigation as potential professional misconduct. 

On successful completion of the online assessment candidates will be issued with a ‘Certificate of Competence’ as a downloadable PDF file. Successful OCQ(V) - TT candidates will be issued with a ‘Conditional Certificate of Competence’ until they have completed and passed the practical assessment component of the OCQ(V) (please refer to TT module section below).

ESVPS Candidate Appeals Procedure

Candidates have the right to appeal any component of the examination.

Appeals based on health grounds or other extenuating circumstances will not be considered unless there was prior notification.  Appeals must be made in writing to the ESVPS Examination Secretary as follows:

  • Within 7 days of being informed of the adverse result
  • Outlining the ground for appeal in detail.

Appeals will be conducted by the ESVPS  Examination Committee Chairman. Appeals will be restricted to a review of procedures
Responses to appeals will be made within 30 days of the appeal being lodged.

Please email ESVPS for the full appeals procedure.

Failure of the assessment:

Candidates have three attempts at passing the OCQ(V) assessment.  Candidates who are unsuccessful in the first attempt of the online assessment will not be able to retake the assessment for a minimum of two weeks (up to a maximum of three months). If the retake is not completed within the three month timeframe, candidates will be required to retake the OCQ(V) module in full.  There is a re-sit fee of £49 plus VAT. Candidates who fail the assessment twice should contact the ESVPS office for assistance before undertaking a third attempt and may be required to repeat the online training before they can re-sit the assessment again.

OCQ(V) - TT :

Candidates completing the OCQ(V) - TT will be required to complete the online assessment and a practical assessment to achieve a Certificate of Competence. The online assessment will comprise 20 multiple choice questions, 10 for the revalidation assessment (please refer to the revalidation section).

Conditional candidates will be required to complete a practical assessment within six months of the completion of the online assessment. Candidates will be required to keep a log of their TT testing. This must provide evidence that they have tested at least 250 animals on at least 3 farms and seen a minimum of 10 reactions. The case log must be completed and uploaded to the training dashboard before the Practical Assessment can be booked. If you think that you will have a problem completing this requirement please email 

On successful completion of the OCQ(V) - TT practical assessment, candidates will be issued with a Certificate of Competence as a downloadable PDF file.

University Credits leading to a Postgraduate Award:

Candidates registering for an OCQ(V) have the option of gaining University credits on successful completion of that OCQ(V). Each OCQ(V)* carries 5 credits at Level 5 within the Quality Assurance Agency Framework. Candidates can elect to gain these University credits for which there will be a small additional fee. Candidates registering for multiple OCQ(V)’s will have the option of building these University credits into a full Postgraduate Certificate in Veterinary State Medicine through Harper Adams University (HAU) and upgrading to Level 7. 

* OCQ(V)’s ES, EX and EQ do not carry the University credits.


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