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OCQ(V) - CA (Companion Animals)

The OCQ(V) - CA (Companion Animals) is a separate, self-contained qualification specifically designed for companion animal vets. It covers pet exports and the commercial export of dogs, cats and ferrets.

Is this the right course for you? For the commercial export of small animals (such as zoo and laboratory animals and the list of exceptions below), please see the OCQ(V) - SX (Small Animal Exports).

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Useful facts for OCQ(V) - CA

Prerequisite OCQ(V)s for CA


OCQ(V)s that CA is a prerequisite for


CPD hours awarded on completion of the course

Ten hours

Revalidation frequency

Every four years


£199 plus VAT

Course presentation


Exports permitted with OCQ(V) - CA

Qualification Permitted Exports

(1) F1 hybrids are the first cross of a domestic cat with a wild cat or a domestic dog with a wolf.

(2) EXCEPT poultry. Poultry is defined as: fowl, turkeys, guinea fowl, ducks, geese, quail, pigeons, pheasants, partridges and ratites, reared or kept in captivity for breeding, the production of meat or eggs for consumption, or for re-stocking supplies of game.

(3) EXCEPT bees.

The OCQ(V) - CA includes commercial movements of cats/dogs/ferrets 

Overview of training for OCQ(V) - CA

The training for the OCQ(V) - CA is all provided online. Topics covered include:

  • The work of APHA in this area, including exports/imports, the regulation of notifiable disease and animal welfare
  • The legal and professional requirements of all vets to undertake certification in full compliance with The 10 Principles of Certification at all times, avoiding conflicts of interest, including the potential consequences of incorrect certification
  • Actions that should be taken by any vet considering or suspecting notifiable disease as a differential diagnosis
  • The general principles of international trade, with particular reference to variation of procedural and documentary requirements related to country of destination and species
  • Legal, professional, APHA and destination country requirements and procedures relevant to the OV undertaking export certification, including detailed coverage of roles and responsibilities, the export process from application to completion of travel, meeting documentary, health and welfare requirements, completion of export certification and the use of the APHA website and OV Instructions for exports as a source of information and guidance
  • The legal and professional responsibilities of OVs relating to safeguarding the welfare of companion animals and pet birds presented for export
  • Familiarisation with Defra, APHA and other websites providing relevant information to refresh knowledge

Please note: the OCQ(V) - CA is a standalone qualification. You are not required to undertake the OCQ(V) - ES and OCQ(V) - EX courses prior to this training, as the essential skills and export certification elements relevant to companion animal vets are included within the OCQ(V) - CA.

Revalidation of OCQ(V) - CA

You are required to undergo revalidation for OCQ(V) - CA every four years.

To view the requirements for the OCQ(V) - CAr (Companion Animals revalidation) course, click here.

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