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Ungulate Exports revalidation

What does the OCQ(V) - UXr (Ungulate Exports revalidation) involve?

To complete the revalidation process for Ungulate Exports, you will be required to:

  1. Enrol on the revalidation course from your Personal Training Dashboard. This will cost £99 + VAT.
  2. Complete the pre-course self-evaluation.
  3. Complete the online training course on Moodle. This equates to ten hours of CPD.
  4. Complete the post-course self-evaluation.
  5. Nominate an invigilator, who must then accept their role.
  6. Pass the online examination. This will comprise of 20 multiple choice questions to be completed in one hour.
  7. Complete three certification exercises. The CPD for these is included in the total course allowance.
  8. Sign the final declarations.

Ungulate Exports revalidation timing

  • Revalidation for the OCQ(V) - UX (Ungulate Exports) qualification is due every four years.
  • You will begin to receive email reminders from six months before your revalidation due date. It is your responsibility to ensure that your email address is kept up to date so that you will receive these reminders.
  • You may enrol on the revalidation course and start the revalidation process at any time. There will be a six-month window before the revalidation due date, in which you can complete the revalidation (by signing the declarations) without changing your future revalidation date.
  • If you do not revalidate by the revalidation due date, your authorisation will be suspended for up to six months, during which time you must not use the qualification but may still revalidate.
  • If you do not revalidate within the six months after your revalidation due date, your authorisation will be expired and you will have to complete the full qualification if you wish to regain your authorisation.

Useful facts for OCQ(V) - UXr

  • You are required to complete three certification exercises for this revalidation course.
  • If your OCQ(V) - UX is expired or suspended, you must not use it until authorisation has been granted again.
  • The cost of the revalidation course is £99 + VAT.
  • There are links to Essential Skills revalidation content and Exports General revalidation content within the UXr course. There is no requirement to complete this ESr or EXr content to record completion of your UXr course but you must make sure that your Essential Skills and Exports General knowledge is up to date at all times.
  • The online examination will comprise of ten questions specific to Ungulate Exports, five Exports General and five Essential Skills questions.
  • Should you fail the online examination, you will have two opportunities to retake it. The cost of each retake is £49 + VAT.
  • There is a process of internal verification for 10% of candidates. ISVPS will conduct this within one month of completion of revalidation requirements.
  • If you currently hold the OCQ(V) - UX (Ungulate Exports) and you wish to complete the OCQ(V) - EQr (Equine Exports revalidation) or the OCQ(V) - FAr (Farm Animal Exports revalidation) instead, you may do this if it meets the requirements of the work you carry out. Please call the office on 0330 202 0380 or email with your request. Please note that if you do revalidate EQ or FA and later return to doing work covered by UX, you would be required to complete the full UX course to regain this authorisation.

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