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Essential Skills revalidation

What does the OCQ(V) - ESr (Essential Skills revalidation) involve?

Essential Skills revalidation content is now included within the revalidation course of any qualification for which the OCQ(V) - ES is a prerequisite. It is a requirement that OVs review the Essential Skills content at least once every four years, but it is no longer necessary to complete a separate ESr course as long as other qualifications are also held.

Essential Skills questions will be included in the examinations for other revalidation courses, so OVs are advised to review the content regularly.


However, for Essential Skills revalidations which are required due to the OCQ(V) - ES being the only qualification held, the following information still applies:

To complete the revalidation process for Essential Skills, you will be required to:

  1. Enrol on the revalidation course from your Personal Training Dashboard. This will cost £99 + VAT.
  2. Complete the pre-course self-evaluation.
  3. Complete the online training course on Moodle. This equates to six hours of CPD.
  4. Complete the post-course self-evaluation
  5. Nominate an invigilator, who must then accept their role.
  6. Pass the online examination. This will comprise of ten multiple choice questions to be completed in 30 minutes
  7. Sign the final declarations.

Useful facts for OCQ(V) - ESr

  • You are not required to complete certification exercises for this revalidation course.
  • If your OCQ(V) - ES is expired or suspended, you must not use it or any of the other OCQ(V)s for which it is a prerequisite until your OCQ(V) - ES authorisation has been granted.
  • The cost of the revalidation course is £99 + VAT.
  • Should you fail the online examination, you will have two opportunities to retake it. The cost of each retake is £49 + VAT.
  • There is a process of internal verification for 10% of candidates. ISVPS will conduct this within one month of completion of revalidation requirements.



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